We made this custom light fixure back in 2017 from 3 Demi John glass jugs, some huge rubber stoppers, lamp chain, pvc collar and a hand cut round metal box that was welded together to hide the wiring at the ceiling.

The client was very pleased — and we were too in the end, however we learned a few things.

1. Don’t try to cut the bottoms of the Demi John jugs — it will shatter the whole thing. Solution: use LED lights which are cool and depending on the manufacturer can last a very long time before replacement is required.

2. Find black lamp chain instead of painting. A lot of wasted spray paint on these!

3. Over estimate your time and the cost to the client. We truly didn’t make a dime on these lights — especially after breaking the first 2 in the set of three. But in the end the client and the designer were thrilled with how much care and time we took to make these ‘just right — and that made it worth it.

Demi John Custom Light Fixture