Unique Terra Cotta Pots with Mud Cloth Pattern

I’m in love with the mud cloth patterns I see on everything from pillows, to rugs, to sheets, draperies and even flower pots!

I decided I was going to give it a try and make my own. Everyone knows that you can pick up terra cotta pots pretty cheap so I went online to Michaels.com and found some. I was specifically looking for larger pots as my house plants were desperately needing a new home. I also wanted something that looked different so I choose these unique shaped pots. They don’t have the traditional ‘lip’ and are more smooth and concaved looking. They are 8 inches across at the top.


Terra Cotta Pot - paint prep

I’m using Apple Barrel paint that I ordered on Amazon — an amazing deal for a whole set of all colors in the rainbow. I specifically chose a matte finish acrylic. Watch out it dries quick, so wash your brushes right away. I used thin 1/2 inch blue painters tape to try to keep my color blocks in check — but the curve of the pot made this difficult however it is good enough and at least leaves a semi clean line.

Terra Cotta paint diy

I knew I wanted to stay in the black, white, grey color scheme. I looked on Pinterest for ‘Mud Cloth Patter’ and ‘Mud Cloth Pots’ and tons of examples came up. I just choose some patterns that I liked and also ones I knew I could handle. I can tell you that I will  not becoming a pinstripe artist any time soon as its pretty hard to get your lines straight. There are a lot of other cool patterns but they looked too difficult to attempt without more practice.

Terra Cotta Pot Painted Mud Cloth
Terra Cotta Pot Mud Cloth Pattern
Terra Cotta Pot Mud Cloth
Terra Cotta Pots Mud Cloth

If you are interested in purchasing the White with Black pattern OR would like me to create a pattern specifically for you please email me at erin@archaicnotions.com

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