I’ve got to admit the one great thing I’ve noticed about the last 12 months are the sunrises and sunsets — they are spectacular and somehow different then I remember in years past.  I mean don’t get me wrong I have shot a really cool sunrise or sunset over the years but it seems like consecutive days of reds and orange hues show up on my feeds all the time. 

In 2020, I was pretty pre-occupied with work and the issues the world was facing. Now that I can sit and enjoy my coffee while watching the sunrise — I have gone back to photography and trying to capture these magnificent scenes. There is something unique about looking out our back windows which face almost due east — in the direction of the St. Croix River Valley which our little town is nestled in.

I’m offering to reprint these images* – in a set or separately if anyone is interested. I personally don’t have a huge wall behind my couch but I think someone has a perfect spot for this series. Please email me at erin@archaicnotions.com if  you would like to find out pricing which will be size and end product treatment dependent. We can cost out frames, frameless, wrapped canvas, etc.

*Please note that these images in this post are watermarked and copyright protected. Thanks for not right clicking.

Dawn Over Stillwater 2Dawn Over Stillwater 1Dawn Over Stillwater 3