The Ratical BF has been laid off for a couple months so the house is getting some much wanted attention. He’s lived in the house for a while but never had the time to work on the projects he had envisioned. Plus my moving in has helped motivate things because I love working on houses and all the DIY stuff. Since we are both into the same kind of decor which always incorporates old stuff, or other people’s junk we’re trying to incorporate it as much as possible.

He finished the back 4 seasons room which left the old living area as a gaping hole in the middle of the house.



I got to thinking about what would go in the space. Its right on the other side of the wall from the kitchen and whenever there are people over there is never enough seating room. In Minnesota it seems to me that every house has it’s own bar in it….now coming from Wisconsin (the drinking capital of america) I find that really interesting because people from Minnesota kind of complain about how much Wisconsin people Camisetas De Futbol Baratas drink yet they are the ones with the bars in their home AND they come to Wisconsin for the weekend or summer vacation and do an awful lot of drinking!  I digress — So I suggest we build a bar. Its a great place to put alcohol, all the extra glasses, and more seating of coarse!





The great thing about this bar is everything except the 2×4’s and the screws is a re-purposed item. The top is an old sign from a restaurant my friends owned up north. The Ratical BF rescued it from the wood boiler at a bar. (wouldn’tcha know it!). The rusty metal is from an old barn that he demo’d. The plan is to put shinier metal on half of the wall behind the bar (where my make shift Christmas tree is in the photo) and the bottom half of the wall will have old barn wood. We’ll hang some signs and some of the Schmidt brewery stuff he has collected over the years. A small wet sink and a keg-orator that we’ll make will round it out.