What do you do for a single mom, with a two year old that lives in a 600 sq ft log cabin built in the 1930’s in northern Wisconsin and who’s primary heat source is a fireplace in the main room and is spending a lot of extra time dragging in 6-8 pieces of wood at a time from the workshop out back? You build her a Wood Trolley!

The inspiration for this was found by my daughter ‘the little one’ on Pinterest of course, but we modified the design so that it would fit perfectly in the space next to the fireplace. It needed to be stable….. well because 2 year old boys apparently like to climb?! Cute and scary.

The RATical BF and I started with some extra pieces of wood we had left over from trimming out our office. Just average 1×4 pine. Then we added some wheels I had been keeping around because — well, I just new they would come in handy (as any good junker would say).

Yes, we do work on projects in the house….. and make a huge mess. (It was cold outside and the shop isn’t quite finished yet)

Once the platform was built it was off to Menards to get the black pipe we needed. We had a few extra pieces left over from some other projects, but there never seems to be enough.

We then started to assemble the pipes — and it took both of us (what a sight) because what you don’t realize when you see these things on Pinterest, is the treads of the pipe don’t always go in your favor. RATical BF wanted to avoid welding if at all possible because the trolley can then be disassembled partially if it takes up too much room in the summer.

Once all the pieces were together, we had to do the weight/tip over test. So we both jumped on and tried to tip it — we needed to make sure with all the weight and how top heavy it was going to be that it couldn’t be easily pulled over by anyone — let alone a 2 year old.

So the finished product, filled with wood turned out pretty good we think. A couple of modifications can be made for size (area) and height — you don’t want to go too high because its tough to move this around when its full. As with most of our duplicate-able pieces we are happy to create these for you on commission. Please email or contact through Facebook to inquire. Price will be based on size.