As you can see by the half empty pot — this was some GOOOOOD Corn Chowder!! Everybody seemed to love it. So I thought I owed the food blogger Jaclyn of Cooking Classy a bit of ‘props’ to the recipe I discovered on Pinterest last fall. You can check it out here

I absolutely LOVE cooking — it is my therapy. I think I cook just about every day and always as ‘from scratch’ as I can. Almost every dish I prepare contains some very basic but very relevant to flavor things — Fresh Garlic, Fresh Onion, Sea Salt or Kosher Salt, Fresh Black Pepper, Olive Oil, Fresh Veggies, and Fresh Meat or Fish.  Oh, and I almost forgot — BUTTER! Real, unsalted butter was not an cheap oakley sunglasses item I grew up eating, but I discovered a few years ago that it could take almost any dish that requires an oil or fat from pretty good, to out of this world de-lish!

Thanks Jaclyn for the awesome recipe. Hope to post more food stuff soon.