Well, here it is just in time for all the big changes… In addition to starting the next chapter in my life, I am making my first of what I hope to be many posts to my new blog!

Archaic Notions is a forum for the perception-ally challenged. Things aren’t always as they appear and you can’t always judge a book by it’s cover. I look for things that had one purpose at one time, and turn them into something different or at least useful again. A cross between up-cycling, antiquing and junking. I will have guest bloggers. I will have stories about my new adventure. Moving away from the town in Northern Wisconsin that I’ve lived in for almost 21 years to a historic town outside of the twin cities. Our cast of characters will be me, my new roommate the ‘Ratical’ BF, the kids, the dogs….food, friends and fun.

I’m working on a Facebook page, a Twitter account, sponsors, blogging groups, auto feeds, Google placement, photos, etc! I hope to have everything hooked up within the next few weeks. AFTER the move, oh moncler outlet and the road trip/vacation, and then more moving. Seems like a huge undertaking but its a good thing that I am keeping my house so I can take my time. Merging two households I hope is more clarifying then it will be cumbersome.

Ok, back to business. Last weekend the Ratical BF and I took an antique double tree horse yoke added some vintage lighting fixtures with Edison bulbs I bought from Amazon and added Mason Jars…Who-la! We now have a new kitchen light fixture. (so happy I met a guy who has a special place in his heart for old things — including me!)

vintage, antique double tree horse yoke, edison bulb, mason jar, light fixture

Warm glow at night.

vintage, antique double tree horse yoke, edison bulb, mason jar, light fixture

By day, see barb wire detail and wood still has paint.

We do think that it isn’t quite bright enough for task lighting. You can see in the day photo that the sun lights bring in a lot of natural light. But its necessary to get something brighter. So we will either add a few more fixtures, or better yet make another one with something else old, rusty and crusty that we can find! Stay tuned!