wpid-fb_img_1438987116804.jpgI’ve been lost, lost in the garden, in projects, lost in weekend car shows with the ratical BF, in weekends up north with my awesome new grandson, lost in our new eRaticate Cancer Car Cruise non profit, just lost in summer.

I need to find my way, my way back to staying true to my passions. The day in day out routine of going to work at a job I don’t really care for and doesn’t provide that spark in my life is taxing. This helps cause my “running away” on the weekends and lack of discipline during the week.

I will fully admit I have lost my ability to separate that existence and that if my passion. I need to create that space in my life that makes this a necessity just as much as the requirement of income and benefits. I need to schedule this time for “me”.

I’ve read other bloggers who have had similar trouble and I am the first one to give a pep talk to someone about taking the risk and time to do what they really want. I need to give that talk to myself! Maybe this post is just that.

I have a stash of photos of projects I’ve finished. I just need to carve out that hour evey day to write, upload, post, schedule and market. There is no one to blame, no one person or things fault. I just need to do it and stick with it.

I am pretty well known by my circle of people for the inspirational statements and quotes I find and share. I will leave you today with one as a little reminder for myself. Its at the top of this post. Hope you enjoy it and I promise a project next post. Thanks for listening and words of encouragement are appreciated.