On our most recent trip up North I was able to snap a couple shots of the finish work for the kitchen’s hole in the wall. It’s -20 degrees and my grandson decided that after being a week and 1 day late, that it was time to be a part of planet earth. So we zoomed up on a Sunday night, only to wait another 17 or so hours for his arrival. He’s adorable, the kids are beaming and on with another new chapter in everyone’s lives.

Back to the reason for the post. As stated earlier, the Ratical BF chose both rusty and shiny metal to trim out the opening.


With a rusty snaffle bit as t focal point. Western start to tie it all together.


Kitchen side shows how this opened up the room and allows for better entertaining in the tiny old house. You can see the second, original opening sports the same old barn wood for it’s shelf.



Finished product.


Next few posts to look forward to: An old screen port door for the pantry, Old milk crate organization, and Barn wood headboard.

Thanks for reading!