In my first post you learned that I recently moved. I just moved to a new house and kept the old family house. I am soon to be a grandma and my youngest daughter and her ‘Sporty BF’ are living there. She is very much like mom and likes cool ‘old’ stuff. The Ratical BF and I have been helping with remodeling and adding our ‘Archaic’ touches to the interior — as eventually the house will be just for us as our up north getaway. Below are some photos of the progress.



Wish I would have taken a before picture — this was a solid wall in our 1930’s bungalo-like house. It’s been added on to and remodeled multiple times by previous owners. It has custom made cabinets in the kitchen that you see, built by a carpenter or handyman long ago and lots of built in storage in the bedrooms, laundry, and bath.


After making the hole in the wall, the Ratical BF used metal to trim out the opening and a huge piece of old barn wood to make the breakfast bar along with some in magliette calcio a poco prezzo expensive brackets we picked up at Menards. Our friend who we’ll call ‘Barbie’ painted the wall with a mud technique over the barn red my daughter started with when she ferociously went through and painted every wall in the house.



In a later post I’ll show you how we used both rusty and shiny metal to trim out the rest of it and added a nice little touch and focal point.