I usually do something crafty for Christmas gifts. I’m an avid ‘pinterest-er’ so the crafty side of me and the pinteresty (along with the archaic side of me) are a match made in heaven!


I found this idea on Pinterest (obviously) and put my own spin on it by what I found at Michael’s crafts which is were I purchased all of the embellishments you see. I picked up the candles at Target cause they had 2 battery powered candles with a vanilla scent for what amounted to about $4.00 a pack. Then I also got some regular candles with a vanilla scent and two larger snickerdoodle scented ones at Michael’s. A bag of Epsom Salts at Wal-mart and here you have them:


I chose uplifting stamped charms from the do it yourself jewelry section, and then I found some metal snowflakes to add to others. Wire, twine and natural raffia helped tie (lol) it all together.


Modge Podge which isn’t the cheapest or neatest adhesive worked to hold the Epsom salts after I used blue tape to section off the candle, painted on the glue and then rolled then poured the Epsom salts on until all the glue was covered. Let dry and then put on the decorations. If I were to do this again I would find something to spray on to the Epsom Salts after wards because it comes off when you touch it. So this made for messy present opening for those who were lucky enough to get one this year!



I’d like to find something else to use for other seasons. So if you have any suggestions please comment!