We’ve been making lights out of black pipe for some time now. We have created on a commission basis for clients as well as creating lights in our home. This is the latest from our newly remodeled bedroom.

I wanted something industrial and very much in tune with our décor in the house. I categorize it as rustic, upcycled industrial. Its a mish mash of antique, upcycled antiques, using old tin, tongue and groove pine, butcher block, barn tin and just about anything we can find to re-use and make a cool statement but also to save money.

I like a rustic look with a touch of modern farm house and since we do everything ourselves I don’t really care too much that I’ll be stuck with something because I know I can change or update anytime.

Pipe Sconce

This light space need something simple but the old light was halogen and looked like someone took a hand me down vanity light and decided to put it in a bedroom. I wanted something that belonged here. I always have a stash of extra pipe parts from projects we have done in the past so I started to go through what I had on hand. I looked a light similar to this one we created — the price wasn’t too bad but the quality of materials not the greatest as it was from your standard big box DIY center who shall remain nameless. This is real black iron pipe, not something cast or out of a metal like substance. I wire the lights myself so I know the quality/gauge of the wire. I know this light is not only made in America, it was made in Minnesota and it was made by me.

That last sentence is very important to the Rat Rod hubby and me — we are trying when ever we can to make mindful purchases from local merchants or at least products made from within the USA. Know where your products come from — its important for the future of our country. 

If you are interested in a comissioned light like this one or from any other creative, upcycled materials specifically for you please email me at erin@archaicnotions.com