I’ve been looking for an alternative to the dated vinyl mini blinds in the ‘Ratical BF’s’ house. I traditionally look for an inexpensive way dress up windows because a) I really could live without any window treatments at all and did for many years — I don’t have an issue or complex about people looking in and watching me at night and b) I think its ridiculous to spend a lot of money on window treatments, most store bought curtains and hanging hardware are way over priced.

I first thought of using a sheet many years ago mostly because there’s usually extra’s around or you can buy a tasteful sheet with a pattern or in a solid and quickly and inexpensively get something up on the windows that’s easy to wash and dry being they are typically cotton. This time I wanted to put a rustic, up-cycled spin on the whole thing and initially thought of barb wire as the ‘rod’ part. After more thought that idea was a complicated option just because of the bending etc.

So as usual the ‘Ratical BF’ being somewhat of a closet decorator himself came up with an outstanding idea (or maybe he stole it from a photo — ahh but who cares right?!) So we set off for the local Menards home improvement store and head toward the plumbing section when we got inside.


This is what we came home with. An assortment of connectors, ends, brackets and black pipe (which we had to go to Lowe’s for because Menards doesn’t carry the pile in the lengths we needed).


My original design included an elbow to connect to the wall piece but ‘Ratical BF’ had the nipple/end cap idea which I’m glad we went with — you can see it better.


After a little handy scissor work on a King size flat sheet this is what we ended up with. Notice the frayed ends — ugh!



I did cheat and use a swag holder I picked up at Wal-Mart. I am trying to come up with a black pipe alternative though for this part. Please comment with any suggestions — I’m open to ideas!

Thanks for reading, and I have on deck an old screen door added to the pantry, an old barn wood headboard, and hopefully some finished photos of the antique telephone desk (finally) and bar.