This past summer I took on updating the stock cabinets the Ratical BF has in the kitchen. He absolutely hated them because they are white, cheap, and well — White!

The white consisted of mostly a plastic coating that was easily peeled off with the remainder a factory baked on paint job that I sanded and then primed over. We settled on a green color but left some samples up for our friends and families opinion. These cabinet faces aren’t real wood they are some kind of MBF or something.



We settled on what I think is the lighter color. It’s kind of hard to see its true hue because of the glare from the lights. (See first blog post)


After all of the hard work in painting. I decided they didn’t look ‘old’ enough so I took the sanding block to them to see if I could give that worn, antique look. I then took a dark stain and tactfully placed the dark color where I thought it would look good. This is not as easy as it looks in all of the Pinterest photos and blog posts I’ve read.



The color looks a little blotchy and one of the boys said “If you wanted the cabinets to look dirty all you had to do was ask”. Very funny.

IMG_3923 IMG_3924

I’ll continue with the other cabinet faces as time allows and in between other projects. If we end up not liking it I still have paint and can go back over. I think it doesn’t look too bad from far away — its the close ups that aren’t too great.

Please comment if you have tried this technique or if you have an suggestions. Thanks for reading!