My daughter as mentioned before is both very much like me, and very very pregnant today. She is due on 1/3 and frankly everyone would be just fine if the baby came early. She especially. My daughter and her Sporty BF have been nesting away at our house up north and have diligently been putting the nursery together for their baby boy.

He by the way will be the first boy born on my side of the family in 3 generations. My grandmother had 2 daughters, my mother had 2 daughters, I had 2 daughters and my sister had 1 daughter and 3 step daughters. Now we aren’t used to boys. Luckily my Ratical BF has 3 boys and is pretty comfortable with lots of testosterone. The Sporty BF of my daughter is an only child but x-football player and cowboy wanna be think’s his son will most likely be a country western singer. (the kids have a couple of pretty good voices)


The wood on the walls is from pallets that Sporty BF took apart, stapled to the walls and stained. All of the furniture is reused from friends and family.


My daughter rides cutting horses so reused cowboy hat’s, boots and spurs fit in nicely.


The cowhide rug is new and so is the carpeting and the lamp. The cow skull is donated by the Ratical BF that he drug out of the garage rafters.


No cowboy themed nursery would be complete with out a genuine saddle. Yep Momma’s butt has spent many hours in that saddle!